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About Us

Our firm, Akya Mantar Ltd. Şti has been dealing with mushroom foreign trade since 2002. Thanks to its installation investment and logistics investment and cold storage investments it has become a firm that is able to buy mushroom from all around Turkey and export these to all of the world countries especially the European Union countries in a very short time.

Collected mushrooms are transferred to the nearest depot to the center by the frigofric vehicles in the logistics network and then the mushrooms are processed there and sent to the central depot or to the depots abroad.

Since our establishment, we have been operating in accordance with our trade principles from which we don’t make any concessions, our accuracy and sensitivity about our work, our sensitivity about quality and our responsibility to represent our company abroad.

Our aim is to grow by performing right jobs on behalf of our country and ourselves and to invest our gains into our work again and to create a respectable and reliable Turkish brand.


  • Boletus Aereus / Edulis
  • Morchella Conica / Esculanta
  • Cantharellus Cibarius
  • Amanita Caesarea
  • Calocybe Gambosa
  • Craterellus Cornucopioides
  • Hydnum Repandum
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