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Wild Edible Mushrooms

Thanks to its flora and climatic conditions, our country is very rich in natural mushrooms that grow in different environments. Therefore, eatable macro mushroom types are picked in many parts of our country during the growing season and either used in cooking or traded.



With its 20 million hectare forest area and broad agricultural areas, Turkey has a very large area for mushroom growing in term of prairies. We can not yet say that we are fully utilizing this grand mushroom potential. We must know about and protect the mushroom types that have economic value and find ways to utilize them in the best way. According to the researches, today approximately 40 eatable mushroom types are collected with eating purposes and nearly 25 of them are subject of trade and sold in the markets or exported.

  • Boletus Aereus / Edulis
  • Morchella Conica / Esculanta
  • Cantharellus Cibarius
  • Amanita Caesarea
  • Calocybe Gambosa
  • Craterellus Cornucopioides
  • Hydnum Repandum
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